Subscription Plans Available

Plans are based on the number of machines you wish to license and the features you wish to enable.

Features Always INCLUDED

  • Core Tool Life's Core Features for electronic documentation, process analytics, and tool life optimization

ADD-ON Features

  • Home Page Personalized statistics, tips, and reminders, plus threaded chats for groups of 2 or more users
  • Quick Starts 1-page forms for quickly inputting lists and jobs into Tool Life
  • Maintenance Schedule and record maintenance tasks on custom intervals
  • Inspections Document part specifications and inspections for the sake of process analytics and quality compliance
  • Shifts List your shop's production shifts for isolated numerics and reporting
  • Attendance Record operator attendance at machines for proper labor cost allocation across your jobs
  • Sales (Requires OMS) Input your customers and sales from estimate and quotes to orders and fulfillment
  • OMS Input your orders and schedule production against them on any number of machines; compare cost vs. revenue
  • Non-Exclusive Production Run multiple part numbers simultaneously on one machine
  • Advanced Estimates Document the web of complex costs in manufacturing to improve your estimates and predictions
  • File Vault Upload all documents related to a part or process for effortless sharing and referencing
  • NC Compare Upload and compare your programs with a click
  • Compare Develop customized production data buckets for summarized comparisons against meaningful metrics
  • Documents Export CSVs and PDFs of tool change and inspection logs
  • Summaries Recieve daily summary emails of production metrics and explore a multi-level break down of those metrics in the app
  • Dashboard A single screen graphical view of all your production sessions running on your machines; powered by our PCI (Process Capability Indicator), Tool Life's dashboard lets you stay ahead of problems and motivates high performance

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